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リトル・チャロ シーズン1/エピソード40「Louis ハッピー・ルイ」

Tomoko takes Charo to her apartment, and makes a nice, cozy bed for him. Charo rests...and hours later, he feels much stronger.


You know, I really couldn't believe it when I found you. You're Charo, right?

きみを見つけたときは本当に信じられなかった きみチャロよね?

Arf arf!


You don't remember me, do you? We met at an Italian restaurant. I noticed the red star on your collar....


Arf arf! I remember you!


Charo is excited. Tomoko smiles at him.


Hey, seems like you understand me. I'm Tomoko. I'm Japanese. I came from Japan years ago.


Arf arf! I'm from Japan, too!


I really wonder what you're trying to say. Uh-oh! Time to go to work. Listen, Charo. I share this apartment with my friend, Jane. I've left her a note so that she won't be surprised when she sees you.

なんて言ってるのかしら。おつと! 仕事に行かなくちや。じつはジェーンという友だちと一緒に住んでいるの。きみを見て驚かないようにメモを書いておいたからね。

Tomoko dashes out of her room toward the apartment doorway.


And you've got company here. Louis, be good to Charo, okay? I'll see you guys later.

あともう1匹ワンちゃんがいるのよ。ルイ! チャロに優しくしてね。じゃぁ行ってきます。

Hmm...you have the nerve to invade my property.


Startled, Charo hops out of his dog bed and peeps out from Tomoko's room. A black pug is lying on the sofa.


Come on, kid! Don't be frightened! I was just doing the part of a gangster boss. Wasn't I good? Hi there. I'm Louis, the one and only. You?

おいおい坊やそう怖がるなって。ギャングのボスの役を演じただけだから。なかなかのもんだろ?ぼくがルイ当のご本人さまだ! きみは?

I'm Charo. Tomoko took me in.


Is that so! What a surprise! Well then, I shall invite you to my next show.

そうかい! そりゃ驚きだ!じゃぁ次のショーにはきみもご招待だな。



Of course! What else? I'm a famous Broadway star, if you want to know…. And seriously, where did she get you? At the pet shop down the avenue?

そうさ! きまってるじやないか!言つとくがぼくは有名なブロードウェイ・スターなんだぜ。まじめな話トモコはどこできみを?大通り沿いのペットショップかい?

No. She picked me up and brought me here.

違います ぼくを拾ってここに連れてきてくれたんです。

Wow! How dramatic! I mean, you were on the verge of death, when a pretty young girl comes up and takes you in. Oh...a moving story!

ワーオ! ドラマチツクじやないか!つまり死にそうだったきみをかわいい娘さんが家へ連れて帰る…感動のストーリーだ!

Actually, it's my second time....


To be taken in? Miraculous!

拾われたのが? そりゃ奇跡だ!

The first time, I was in Japan. Shota, my owner, took me home. So…

最初は日本で 翔太ぼくの飼い主が拾ってくれたんです だから…

Are you saying that you came from Japan?




Oh-ho! My! A pup from the other side of the world has just landed right here in the middle of my apartment! "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” That was Bogie from Casablanca. You know that line?

スゴイ! チビちゃんが地球の裏側からぼくのアパートにご到着だ。「ルイこれが美しい友情のはじまりだな」。「カサブランカ」のボギーのセリフだけど。知ってた?

No, I don't.


Well, then… Someday you'll see When you're singing and dancing Life's a stage and You can be a star, too


Grab your dancing shoes


And sing a happy tune


Enjoy e very day Chase your troubles away

今日を楽しく 踊りきろう トラブルなんか吹っ飛ばせ

Bright lights! Raise mics!

眩しい光 音量アップ

Cue the curtains and spotlights!

カーテンスポット キューサイン

Life's a stage and


You can be a star...too!(Oh, yeah!)


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