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リトル・チャロ シーズン1/エピソード47「Big Surprise 夢に向かって」

One peaceful Sunday morning, Tomoko and Jane are reading a letter from Gesner Bernhardt's agent.


Ahh, you made it, Tomoko! You really did!


But...wha...what.J.J can't believe this. What should I do?


Are you kidding? You write.

何言ってるのよ 書くのよ

"One Last Ticket was one of the best scripts that have been submitted. We have proposed some changes. Please note that the revised version must be turned in by 12 o'clock, noon, this coming Wednesday."


But that's only three days from now.


I guess I'll just do what I have to do. Where am I supposed to bring it?


Um...the Longfield Theater.


That's where the premiere of The Red Star


is being held! You're virtually invited! Oh...there's another page to this letter.


Tomoko glances through the next page and freezes.


What does it say?


"Mr. Bernhardt's next musical is planned for this coming spring, starring the Japanese top star... Mr. Ken...Matsumoto...."

バーンハート氏の新作ミュージカルは来春に予定されています。主演は日本のトップスター ケン・マツモト

Ken Matsumoto!? That's your father! That means you're writing a script for your father! Gosh! Talk about dreams coming true!


This is incredible....


Tomoko picks up Charo and kisses him.


And ever since you wandered into my life, things are getting better and better.


My dream is coming true, too. I'm going to see Shota's father... on Wednesday. Art art!

ぼくの夢もかないそうなんだよ。翔太のパパに会うんだ 水曜日に

Tomoko goes straight back to work.


It's not as easy as I thought.... Whoops! I forgot to mail this flyer to the printer!


Besides her One Last Ticket script, Tomoko seems to have another project going on.


Okay, Charo. They want me to adjust the script with Ken Matsumoto specifically in mind. You want to know about him? Well, first of all, he looks so stern and rigid.... But then, once he smiles... there's something so sincere and... Huh? Wait! That's what I need to add. Some more sincerity.... Yes, yes, yes!

私注文されたのよ。ケン・マツモトのイメージに合うようにしてって。パパのこと知りたい?まずルックスはいかめしくて厳しそう。でも笑うと誠実な感じが…ん? 待って! それよ。もっと誠実な味を出さなくちゃ

Tuesday...the night before the deadline, Tomoko has fallen asleep at her desk again. Charo is sitting there, on her desk, as if to protect her.

火曜日 締め切りの前夜。トモコはまた机で眠ってしまいました。チャロは机の上。まるで彼女を守っているみたいです

Tomorrow, both our dreams will come true.


Then, Charo notices a sheet of paper. It's the flyer that Tomoko made. The flyer was seeking information on Charo, anything that might help him get back to Japan. Charo is deeply moved.


Thank you, Tomoko. I'll never forget this. Tomorrow, I will be seeing Shota's father. Please don't worry if I don't come back to you tomorrow.


Charo falls into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of both Tomoko's and Shota's smiles.


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