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リトル・チャロ シーズン1/エピソード50「Far Away Yet Close Enough きずな」

Springtime in Japan. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Charo stops and looks up at the pink blossoms. His mind starts to wander back to his wonderful friends. Charo's story has become the US media's favorite.


Hey, Louisa. Look at this cute little puppy. Isn't this a sweet story?


Louisa draws a card. The first one is C, for Candy!


Look, Chris!


What is it, Candy?


Arf! It's him! Charo! He did it! He really made his dream come true!

チャロだわ! 帰ったのよ!ほんとうに夢をかなえたのよ!

Louisa draws a second card, and it's an A...for Andorra.


I always knew you would make it, Charo. Stay as you are, and you shall never lose your way again.


Louisa's next card is...S. Sirius is walking in the park with Catherine. He is enjoying the sweet smell of the flowers.


They're beautiful, aren't they?


And I now know the true joys of life. I owe it to Charo and Dread. Thank you, you two. I'll never forget you.


Finally, Louisa draws the card T... for Tomoko.


See, Charo? The premiere is to be held tonight. This is so unreal....

ほらチャロ 今夜が初演なんだよ。信じられないね

Looking at that photo again?


Well, it's just that... everything turned out so perfectly


it's almost hard to believe.


Come on! It's true all right. Arf! Yes, it is! And all thanks to Charo! That small pup was really something.

そうだよ! みんなチャロのおかげさ!あいつはたいしたヤツさ!

C-A-S-T, "cast." The letters were from the names of those who helped Charo get home. And, of course...


Hey, Margherita! Look! Isn't this Charo?

ねえマルゲリータ! 見て!これチャロじゃない?

Oh, my! Look at that! He made it!He got back to Japan! Can you believe it? That pup is a miracle I'm telling you.

まぁチャロったらやったじゃない!日本に帰ったのね! あの子は奇跡よ!

Well, Charo was like a kid brother to me. He was a good pup. I gave him a ribbon as a present... and a sausage, too, mm-hum!


"I will." I wonder whether Charo remembered these two words.

l Will.彼はこの言葉を覚えているかな?

I'm sure he did.


He must have earned the trust of others and made his way through. What a pup!

周囲の信頼を勝ち得てやりとげたのだろう 驚くべき子だ!

Warm sunlight is pouring into Dread's empty nest. A tender gust of wind blows, and down comes a pale, pinkish petal. A cherry blossom?


Dread...can you see the pink blossoms? Aren't they beautiful? Wait, Shota! I'm coming!

ドレッド見える?ピンクの花 きれいでしょ?待つて翔太! いま行く!

Charo runs straight to Shota. The two are laughing and barking, romping their way...back home.


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